The 5 Best Fat Tony Lyrics Involving Food and Drink

Rappers and food go together like peanut butter and bacon (trust me here): Bun B is a well-known supporter of Houston's food scene -- and especially its food trucks. This past Thursday night, the Houston rapper (and one half of rap duo UGK) was spotted at Grand Prize Bar chowing down on some of The Modular's poutine. And another Houston-born-and-bred rapper is known for repping Houston food, too: Anthony Obi, better known as Fat Tony.

The big difference? Fat Tony is more a fan of low-key local joints like Mango's and The Mink, which he name-drops in his songs: "I'm at Mango's hangin' with some dang hoes," he raps in his 2011 single "Home." Fat Tony also loves food in general -- especially songs about food -- and it's a topic he covered with great intensity in his 2011 song "Nigga You Ain't Fat," which is a three-minute tribute to his personal struggles overcoming body dysmorphic disorder. The video itself features DJ iPod Ammo as a man who wanders around town, hallucinating visions of foodstuffs in everything -- and everyone -- that he sees.

Of course, food references in rap and hip-hop songs are nothing new; Time Out New York has a terrific article on the 50 "greatest grub references ever laid on wax." But none of those lyrics are from one of our favorite rap lyricists, Fat Tony.

So here are our top 5 picks from his catalog, starting with a verse from his brand-new single off Double Dragon, "Porch Sittin'."

Porch Sittin'

I pass the weed and then proceed to step into the center
With a paper plate, tryna get some fuckin' dinner
Jerk chicken in my sights, ooh, they got some rice
I think it's finna be a hell of a night

Like, Hell Yeah

I'm at Pappadeaux's with a lot of hoes

"Denim Guinness Boys"

In 1759, Arthur Guinness started brewin'
In St. Jame's Gate, Dublin but he sent it to London
And niggas loved it, when I was 18 Guinness hit my stomach
My body didn't want it, but I knocked it down like it was my opponent

Put It In the Air

I sip coffee even if it's costly
Being out in Austin, I'm awfully blowed, hoe get off me
If you don't want me chiefin' on the broccoli
I keep it locked up like Goapele

Nigga You Ain't Fat

Every time I step inside the restaurant, the waiter be
Lookin' at me crazy like he paid to be afraid of me

I was once a chubby brat
Chilling with my momma buying jeans from the husky rack
Skippin' collard greens and beans for a Kit Kat

Fat Tony performs an acoustic version of "Nigga You Ain't Fat" with local string group Two Star Symphony.

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