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The 5 Best Foods to Eat in Bed

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Confession: I like to eat in bed. I don't do it often because it is messy and really bad manners, but I love curling up with a book and a snack and relaxing in bed. Sometimes it's practical--when I'm hit with a particularly terrible case of the vapors I may take to my bed for several days, and on those days, in-bed dining is truly a necessity. In general, I try to limit my eating to the dining table like a Real Live Grown-Up. But when I do snack between the sheets, here are some favorites.

5. Cereal with vanilla yogurt

Not only do I have a hard time falling asleep, I have a hard time staying asleep. When I am wide awake and my husband is sawing logs, I will sometimes grab a little treat and eat in bed while I read The Twitters on my phone. I like to fill a six-ounce ramekin with some plain or vanilla yogurt, add a few berries or raisins, and then sprinkle with cereal, or a few crumbles of a Sinfull Bakery Everything Bar. Complex carbs and low-fat dairy are good before-bedtime snacks that digest slowly: pairing tryptophan-containing foods with complex carbs may help slow down your brain, and it's easy on the digestive system.

4. Strawberries and champagne

Yeah, I know--you aren't supposed to drink booze before bedtime. But this isn't the kind of thing you are going to consume right before nodding off to sleep, right? Champagne and strawberries are most appropriately consumed when in the company of another naked person to whom you are attracted...and married to, of course! Save yourself for marriage like I did kids (WINK), and prepare for sexy results in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

3. Red wine and chocolate

A great alternative to strawberries and champagne, and good if you are hitting the sack solo, in which case strawberries and champagne are a little optimistic.

2. Peanut butter sandwich with milk

If you use a soft, non-crumbly bread you will experience minimal mess. And what is more comforting before bed than peanut butter? Acceptable alternative: half a turkey sandwich, with the tryptophan/carbohydrate combo to knock you out, like a whole-food Ambien.

1. Breakfast in bed

Um, duh--it comes with a tray so you can have anything you want. Hello.

Bonus tea recommendation: Anything herbal, but for an extra boost of sleepy try Sleepytime Extra™ with Valerian.

Honorable mention: Halloween candy! Tiny and individually wrapped, it's practically made for bedtime snacking.

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