The 5 Best Hidden Restaurant Gems in Katy

When I mentioned to a few friends that I was spending a lot of time recently exploring good ol' Katy, Texas, I got the same response over and over:

"Katy? Oh. I'm sorry."

Initially I was sorry too. The rush hour drive in a car without air conditioning in June was my own fault. The veritable restaurant wasteland (save for a few chain spots along I-10) that greeted me on my drive in seemed foreboding. Other than a handful of great, well-established eateries, what could Katy have to offer?

Exploring a little, I actually found plenty. I silenced the naysayers by texting them photos of my unexpectedly delicious meals and was met not with apologies this time, but with intrigue.

"I want that. Where is that? Surely not Katy..."

Yep, I found all this great ethnic food in Katy. Now get out there and do some exploring!

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Kaitlin Steinberg