The 5 Sexiest Celebrity Chefs: Ladies Edition

We've taken a look at the Sexiest Men in the Kitchen (meatballs, anyone?). Now it's the ladies' time to turn up the heat.

Check out the Top 5 Hottest Female Chefs:

5. Nadia Giosia

As in, "Nadia G." As in, the wild and slightly psychotic Italian but Canadian-born chef, singer and host of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen.

This sultry chef started out with a Web series before bitchin' her way onto slightly bigger screens with shows on the Cooking Channel and on Food Network Canada. With dirty blond hair, big red lips and a bad-girl attitude, Nadia teaches us how to rock out in the kitchen, all while wearing three-inch stilettos.

...and then she does things like this:

So yes, she may be nuts -- but sometimes, a little crazy can be hot. Right?

4. Eden Grinshpan

This Cooking Channel host is like the girl next door -- if the girl living next door is a gorgeous brunette graduate of Le Cordon Bleu who runs a successful blog turned popular cooking show where she gets to gallivant across America being pretty.

The series, called Eden Eats, follows the adventurous beauty's search for exotic cuisine in the hidden neighborhoods of America's biggest cities. Admiring her playful smile and luscious locks, we don't mind tagging along.

3. Nigella Lawson

The O.G. of sexy celebrity chefs, Nigella began her career as a journalist and food writer before making waves with her first cookbook, How to Eat. Despite not being a trained chef, the buxom brunette has become a star of the food industry, hosting several successful cooking shows and tacking on a few more best-selling cookbooks.

Not one to hide her sexuality, she's been dubbed the "queen of food porn." A quick Internet search will show you why.

2. Marcela Valladolid

Sweet and spicy Marcela is a chef, ex-Bon Appétit editor, cookbook author and host of the Food Network's Mexican Made Easy. The California-born hottie first graced the screens on NBC's The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, alongside Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel. She came in fourth place, but the gorgeous big-eyed chef is first place in our eyes.

Well, okay, maybe second.

1. Padma Lakshmi

So she may not be a chef per se, but we all know it -- there's no one sexier.

Plus, the Top Chef host and Easy Exotic cookbook author is no stranger to food; just look at how she poses with it. She's like an X-rated, really hungry Pocahontas.

Google image search the exotic beauty and you'll find enough pictures of her licking herself to fuel a teenager through puberty...and beyond: Padma sucking down ribs; Padma eating chocolate off her (good) arm...you get the point.

The Indian-born hottie grew up vegetarian, but don't worry, guys, thanks to Carl's Jr. (and the grace of god), she's back to meat.

Who makes your top 5? Can anyone teach me how to eat like Padma? And who else thinks Giada looks like a bobblehead come to life?

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