The Best Café in Texas

Yes, we mean the best. Brown Coffee Company off West King's Highway, San Antonio, Texas is the complete coffee experience. Part roasting facility, part training center, and part slow bar, this is a learning environment like no other in the Lone Star State. Head roaster (and head barista) Aaron Blanco has always had a passion for coffee, but for a time he never seemed able to get the financing he needed to roast his own. So what did he do? With his father-in-law, he built his own roaster from non-coffee-related parts.

Complete wizardry is implemented at Brown Coffee, and Aaron will show you firsthand what it's all about. A simplified menu focuses only on the beverages that bring the flavors of his fresh roasted coffee to light, so don't walk in expecting flavored syrups or even a condiment bar. Instead, walk in with an open mind about the mysteries the coffee bean can reveal. Aaron can be your sommelier of black coffee.

Behind the register are green coffee bean bags from all around the world, alongside an espresso training bar for the upcoming South Central Regional Barista Competition. When we were there, his offerings included Ethiopia Sidama Amaro Gayo, Kenya Nyeri Kirimara Estate, and a Salvadoran coffee. All were deemed amazing by the patrons in the room. One customer asked for sugar, but Aaron politely declined. After trying her coffee, she walked back up and complimented Aaron, saying she'd never tasted coffee that needed no sugar. He just smiled back, glad to be able to convert yet another.

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