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The Best-Tasting Throat Lozenges for Cold and Flu Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be largely inoperative because of the government shutdown and, as the Web site states, "the lapse in government funding," but here at the Houston Press, we've still got your back.

So sure, we can't with any medical authority tell you what this year's flu strains are like or what sort of vaccines are available this year, but we can help to ease your suffering should you neglect to heed all the government warnings about getting a flu shot and find yourself sick and in pain.

We've tested ten different varieties of throat lozenges and cough drops available at CVS to determine which taste the best and which are most likely to soothe your sore esophagus. Some of them are designed to alleviate minor tickles, while others are intended to suppress coughs and numb painful gullets. This ranking is based on both flavor and efficacy in mitigating our (not so sore) throats.

Also check out last year's cough syrup taste test. And please don't use cough syrup for anything other than coughs, if you catch my drift.

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Kaitlin Steinberg