The "Big O" at Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café

In a recent post, I referred to a certain dessert shop as "the town's only establishment solely dedicated to my drug [chocolate]." While this might be true, I realized I would be a fool to ignore what wonderful things other fancy local bakeries were doing with cocoa and cake.

So I decided to make my first visit to the Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café. When I got there, it was empty save one or two customers savoring some last bites, so I was free to ponder my choices, as I was faced with more than one appealing cake option. I guess at this point I should make some lame joke about my ultimate selection, such as, What woman can resist The Big O? But I'll save you all a grimace and just say I was in the mood for Oreos and the chocolate crust looked tasty.

Indeed, it was. I also very much enjoyed the decorated chocolate sandwich cookie, which provided a lovely, crunchy contrast to the softer white and dark chocolate mousse. White chocolate is a hard flavor to pin down, as it sometimes emerges as cheap chocolate with too much sugar added, but in this cake it was light with a slight almond flavor. The dark chocolate mousse was robust in cocoa taste though not to the point of being bitter. Hugging both layers was a thinner coating of sweeter chocolate ganache.

Slices of gourmet cake at the Dessert Gallery Bakery and Café are pricy ($6.50), though less expensive than some other shops. I give this particular slice extra points for excellent presentation and flavor balance.

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Joanna O'Leary