The Bronx Bar

The Bronx Bar (5555 Morningside, 713-520-9691) fills up almost every night with the young and the restless, who queue up for nightly shot specials while bobbing their heads to the DJ. So wandering in on a Sunday afternoon was a real trip. The muted football on the massive plasma TVs shined down on empty red-leather couches, pristine black-lacquer tables and a hip mural of the NYC skyline — and there was no line for the bathroom! The late-afternoon crowd consisted of perky bartender Walys, anxiously waiting for midnight to celebrate her 21st birthday; laid-back general manager Paxton, patiently waiting for his cell­ phone to ring; stylishly dressed college dudes Neel, Sajid and Raza, waiting for the action and their lives to begin; and me, just waiting for a drink. My request for a special cocktail took a while, and the result was a nameless drink made with blueberry vodka and Red Bull. Nameless drink, my ass! I called an impromptu meeting with my fellow patrons, announcing our mission to name the rose-colored cocktail. A few suggestions, a few shots and we had a winning moniker from Walys: "Party in my mouth and everyone is invited." Now that's a name worthy of publication. With another successful mission accomplished, I paid my bill and adjourned the meeting.

1 1/2 ounces Stolichnaya Blueberi vodka

Red Bull

Splash of cranberry juice

Mix vodka and Red Bull in a short cocktail glass over ice. Add a splash of cranberry juice. R.S.V.P. not required.

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