The Chicken Burrito from Tacos Del Julio

Burritos and I have an interesting relationship. On occasion, I don't mind stopping by the nearest Freebirds World Burrito and grabbing a carnitas with corn salsa and barbecue sauce. Or in an uber-pinch, the breakfast burrito at McDonald's will do (even though I'll probably feel guilty later). But I don't believe I have ever, ever even considered ordering a burrito at a Tex-Mex restaurant, as there always seem to be better options on the menu.

Then I found a life changing burrito, if there ever was one, at Tacos Del Julio.

TDJ is a small Houston chain with four locatios. I usually visit the one on Long Point Rd. The franchise actually hails from Monterrey and specializes in northeast Mexican-style tacos and snacks. But it is the chicken burrito that has me rethinking the burrito food group.

More like what I would consider a giant taco, this chicken burrito is not wrapped tight and would be difficult to pick up. Mounds of shredded chicken, slices of tomato, large hunks of avocado, a slathering of crema and flecks of lettuce are pulled together with a smack of refried beans on the ten-inch tortilla. There is one wild card thrown in for good measure, as well -- five small discs of what the menu calls "sausage," but I will call hot dog or Vienna sausage. It just works. There are no tortilla chips here, as they serve everything with a complimentary side of bacon-chocked bean soup.

Having never visited Monterrey, I have no clue if this burrito is authentic. But it is flat out fantastic.

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