The Chicken Salad Sandwich at French House

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“The story we heard was that many years ago the owner was a French woman who enjoyed a big success with her quiche, potato salad, chicken salad, soups, etc…We think their chicken salad sandwich on toasted French bread is the best in town. Try again.” -- Joe and Margaret Clegg

“If you find yourself in the neighborhood again, please give the chicken salad sandwich a try!” -- Courtney

“I like their chicken salad.” -- Melanie

Okay, so evidently I got the wrong sandwiches when I reviewed French House. In the interest of fairness, I went back and ate lunch there again. And this time I got the acclaimed chicken salad sandwich.

It’s an unusual chicken salad. The white meat chicken is ground up fine. It reminds me of that style of tuna salad you make in a mixer with lots of mayonnaise so it has a very smooth texture like a spread. French House’s chicken salad is also a little sweet. (Miracle Whip? Sweet pickle juice?)

In truth, I prefer chunky chicken salad with stuff like apples and saffron in it. But on a toasted French Riviera Bakery baguette with finely shredded lettuce and sliced tomato, it’s a damn good chicken salad sandwich. But anyway, now I can say I tried it. – Robb Walsh

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