The Do-It-Yourself Bloody Mary Bar at the Cadillac Sunday Brunch

When considering where to go for Sunday brunch, we too often allow meaningless considerations like the fluffiness of the pancakes or the quality of the smoked salmon to interfere with sound decision-making. Stop and think about it. What's really important on Sunday morning-- I mean, besides church. I am saying it's the quality of the bloody Mary that makes all the difference. And it's hard to beat the Bloody Marys at the Cadillac Bar on Shepherd -- that's because you make them yourself.

The bartender pours some vodka over the rocks and hands you the glass. And you walk over to the most ornate do-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar I have ever seen. Choose from several varieties of tomato juice cocktail. There's some celery stalks, sure, but there's also pickled okra, baby corn, olives, cocktail onions and more. Pickled peppers, fresh peppers, bottled pepper sauces, Worcestershire, celery salt, lemon and limes too. In fact, the only important ingredient missing from the line-up is horseradish. The waiter told me that horseradish isn't Tex-Mex. I guess I accept that explanation. But if you think horseradish is critical to a perfect Bloody Mary, you could always bring your own.

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