The DR 12 Six-Pack Scalping Has Begun

The 12th series of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve was released this morning, an Old Ale recipe developed by local homebrewer David Rogers. And as with every Divine Reserve release, the hunt to find the few six-packs in Houston stores has intensified throughout the day.

On Twitter, beer fans are trading tips and leads on possible purchasing locations for the 3,201 cases of 12-ounce bottles using the hashtag #DR12. But not every beer buyer is so magnanimous.

Over on Craigslist, the first of the Divine Reserve No. 12 scalpers has already put up an ad selling one six-pack of the Old Ale for $30.

The retail price of one six-pack of DR 12 is $18, which means the seller is charging about the same as a restaurant mark-up, interestingly enough. However, if you're willing to go all in, the seller will also part with two six-packs of the DR 12 for a package price of $55 total.

Of course, if you don't want to pay a premium -- and you don't want to wait the recommended year to cellar your DR 12 -- you can always head out to bars like The Railyard, The Hay Merchant, Flying Saucer and Petrol Station when they tap their own kegs of Divine Reserve No. 12 tonight.

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