The Eating Our Words Burger Bracket: Call for Judges

Do you love eating burgers?

Do you love judging things?

Do you have the time and stomach capacity to do both over the next couple of weeks?

Then we want you!

The first annual Eating Our Words Burger Bracket is set to start next week in a March Madness-style epic food fight for the ages to finally discover who makes the best burger in Houston. Burgers from 16 different restaurants will be competing in four different categories, as defined by A Hamburger Today: fast food-style, steakhouse, fancy-pants and pub burgers.


For the sake of this contest, large national chains were not selected for competition. Instead, we've chosen 16 of Houston's finest restaurants -- some are new, some are longtime institutions -- that we feel represent a wide swath of what could be considered the city's best burgers.

The lineup will be revealed next week, so stay tuned. Today is reserved for the most important task of all: selecting a panel of judges.

Cathy Matusow, food blog editor, will be choosing four teams of four individuals to serve as volunteer judges for the duration of the Burger Bracket. The final four burgers will be selected by these 16 individuals, and you -- our readers -- will be invited out to Lucky's Pub on April 4 to help crown one of those four the Best Burger in Houston.

Our four teams of judges will be responsible for going out to their assigned roster of four burger joints, eating a burger at each one and determining amongst themselves which should move forward in the bracket (we'll reimburse teams for the burgers, so save your receipts). If this sounds like an ideal way for you and your three closest food-loving friends to spend a weekend, then we want you.

Leave a comment below explaining why you and your group would be ideal judges for the Burger Bracket (and remember to leave a valid email address so we can contact you). You must apply as a team. Please note that your group must be ready and available for burger judging throughout the entire competition; no flakes need apply.

Cathy Matusow will choose the four teams from the comments below and we will notify them of their judging duties by Friday, March 11. On the following Monday, March 14, the entire bracket of burgers will be revealed in all its juicy, cheesy, oozy glory. Start your countdown to April 4 now: It's on!

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Katharine Shilcutt