The Politics of Food

The Eggs at The Egg and I

The Egg and I was recently covered as a top ten place to eat in Memorial, but we had a different experience with the one at 557 Bay Area Blvd. When a business goes as far as to use the word "egg" in its name, we expect and egg-ceptional experience. We couldn't wait to enjoy various kinds of eggs, or at a minimum, a business acknowledging and supporting local egg growers and free-range chicken. Instead, it was monotony. The boring menu items, mass-produced grocery-store branding, and obvious use of frozen foods made us wince.

A restaurant marketing itself with corporate branding does not help with our nation's food crisis. Buying local eggs and marketing individual farms would be such a huge step for the higher-volume restaurants in Houston, and this franchise shills Heinz ketchup and Kraft macaroni and cheese. It appears every item on the menu could easily be assembled at home with cans, bags and cartons from the supermarket.

We ordered waffle "eggspress" that came with two eggs, two bacon strips and a Belgian-style waffle. The waffle was boring. We have made better waffles out of a Betty Crocker cookbook, and that isn't saying much. The bacon pieces were completely uniform and looked precooked. The eggs were, well, normal. We also ordered eggs Benedict, which came out with what appeared to be two slices of Oscar Mayer ham and possibly canned Benedict sauce. The sauce was drab; the ham was drab; the eggs were, again, normal.

We wish Clear Lake could get some better-quality options, but it begins with the consumer. We need to demand that our eggs are local and produced in humane ways. We should ask questions about where and how our food is grown. And we, at least, are starting with The Egg and I.

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