Pot Luck

The End of Salad Days

My organic garden faces south, and it's already getting way too much sun. The arugula looked like it was about to bolt, the mustard was too tall, and the chicory needed cutting too. So I just harvested the whole mess of salad greens. The huge pile of lettuce came to eight pounds, dripping wet. It's more than we can eat in a couple of weeks, so I am now in the enviable position of giving away salad greens to my friends.

I think some of these plants will come back for a last hurrah and yield a few more clippings. The tomatoes and basil are next up. And then, in anticipation of losing the entire south-facing garden to the intense heat of summer, I have planted a long narrow row of heirloom rattlesnake beans along a fence line where I will install trellises. The fence gets morning sun and afternoon shade, so hopefully, this will be my summer cucumber and green bean garden.

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Robb Walsh
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