The Ever Expanding World of Oreos

With temperatures falling and pumpkins filling the parking lot of Whole Foods, it's hard not to get excited for autumn and its accompanying pleasures. For me, that's Halloween Oreos. I've always been a fan of "milk's favorite cookie" and look forward to the time when the lard filling is tinged a bright mandarin. Nothing says All Hallow's Eve like orange food coloring.

I've also been amused by other theme Oreos, like the "Winter Edition" variety, which I used to make some decadent fudge. And the DB Blizzard Creme Oreos were interesting, if not particularly tasty.

Lately, however, Nabisco seems to have gone too far in their Oreo derivations. You could fill an entire supermarket aisle with all the different varieties and flavors: Cakesters, Double Stuf, "Golden," Mint cremes, Peanut Butter, and, ugh, Berry Burst Ice Cream. The most recent addition to the Oreo collection is the "Triple Double," a three-wafer, two-filling cookie that I suspect is actually too big for the bite radius of the average six-year-old.

Brand diversity is all fine and good unless it results in the dilution and/or diminishing of the original. The statement "I like Oreos" used to be relatively straightforward. It really ticks me off that now I have to specify, "The regular kind, that is." Perhaps I'm in the minority and vox populi demands more and more different types of Oreos. But at what cost, I ask?

Really, it's one of the most pressing issues of our times. Readers, your thoughts?

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