The Far Down at The Hobbit Café

A surprising number of Houston sandwich places/delicatessens do NOT carry egg salad. I learned this fact while perusing menus online and when my Google search for "best egg salad in Houston" yielded paltry results. Although I was specifically craving dill egg salad, a specialty of my favorite college sandwich shop, I was willing to settle for any version that was comprised of more than just yolks, whites, and mayonnaise.

A friend recalled having a decent egg salad sandwich at The Hobbit Café. An additional bonus was that said sandwich also supposedly had avocado on it. Avocado is one of those foods (like eggs or bacon) that just makes everything better.

My experience at The Hobbit Café had always been a mixed bag. I had a terrific entree one day, terrible service another, and the overall feeling that something is missing from the experience.

But, by God, the Far Down at The Hobbit Café is the best egg salad sandwich I have had so far in Houston.

It had just the right amount of mayo, excellent yolk-to-white ratio, and gobs of slightly spicy creamy guacamole. And best of all, the Far Down egg salad was made with dill. It's like those Hobbit chefs read my mind.

The "slim" version, jammed with salad, avocado, and tomatoes, was difficult to finish and a decent deal at just over eight bucks.

As I creature of habit and compulsion, I know I will find it hard not to order the egg salad the next time I go to the Hobbit Café. The only thing that might stop me is the knowledge that the curry chicken salad is supposed to be even better.

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Joanna O'Leary