The Five Best Frozen Drinks in Houston

It is officially HOT in Houston. You wanna know how I know this (aside from the fact that I have to briefly walk from my apartment to my car to my office in the morning, and then again from my office to my car to my apartment in the evening)? The air conditioning in my car is out. Driving anywhere has become an exercise in seeing how close I can get to my eventual destination before I become drenched in sweat. It's super fun.

It's times like these that make me crave one thing, and one thing only: Frozen booze. Ice to cool me down and booze to make me forget how pissed I am about the whole air conditioner thing. I suppose I could make my own in the comfort of my cool apartment, but where's the fun in that?

Besides, there's no way I'm going to garnish my own drinks as nicely as these folks do.

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Kaitlin Steinberg