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The Five Best Hangover Foods in Houston

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Last year for New Year's, we shared The Five Levels of a Hangover and How To Cure Them With Food.

This year, in honor of the hangover holiday of the year (or the start of a new year for those of you who are not complete drunks), we're sharing where you can find the best morning-after foods in town.

In no particular order, here are Houston's Top 5 Hangover Foods:

Note: These are not the doctor-recommended foods that properly restore body function, but rather the foods that everybody really wants to eat when they're hungover. Stay classy, Houston.

5. Menudo/Pho, multiple locations

Both of these spicy, rich and saltastic soups are hangover godsends. The broth manages to rehydrate, restock sodium levels and be freaking delicious all at once. Many of our readers swear by them. And we do, too.

Though you can find both all over town, we have our favorites. We love the ruddy, fatty menudo at La Mexicana (pictured above) and the rich, well-seasoned pho at Pho Binh and Pho Dien.

But really, who are we kidding? It you're that hungover, you're just going to take whatever is the closest proximity to the porch you woke up on.

4. Pancake Omelet + Feta Fries, Harry's Restaurant & Cafe

Okay, Harry -- we'll start with your "pancake omelet." This massive pig and cheese omelet wrapped in an even more massive pancake that you have ingeniously created may as well just be named "The Hangover." There's probably no other time we'd allow ourselves to eat it, but we love it. And we love you for bringing it to us in our time of need.

It really does help because:

1) It's made with eggs, and eggs are full of restorative amino acids like cysteine and taurine, which help to boost liver function and break headache-causing chemicals; and

2) After eating even half of the plate, we are put into such a zombie-like state that the only place we can survive is our couch, so we head straight there, crash and wake up five hours later with less of a hangover.

But that's not before we also lay down some of your feta fries, only one of the best french fry dishes in town.

We really are grateful for those little guys and their heavenly honey mustard sauce accompaniment, too. Thank you, Harry! From the bottom of our hungover hearts.

3. The Grim Burger, Lankford Grocery and Market Close runner up: The spicy-as-all hell Firehouse Burger

Too hungover to decide what to eat? How about breakfast? And lunch? And dinner? Well slap our ass and call us Sally! You can have all three with just one bite of Lankford's Grim Burger.

Topped with bacon and eggs (breakfast), mac and cheese (lunch), and jalapeño (another part of lunch?), this burger (dinner) is as gooey, juicy, and luscious as can be.

It is hands-down one of the best hangover helpers in the city -- mostly because you'll be too busy wiping grease off of your chin to remember you feel like shit.

2. Bacon-Infused Bloody Mary, Beaver's

The Bloody Mary is a hangover staple. Not only will its tomato juice give your achy body a natural boost of vitamins and minerals, but the drink helps to rehydrate while simultaneously giving you a slight buzz so you forget you're not in the best of shape. Sure, your body would probably react better if it were a virgin drink, but what's the fun in that? We mean, hair of the dog, right?

Beaver's bloody mix is a tantalizing blend of tomato juice, bruised celery, garlic, wasabi, lime, hot sauce and spices. There are just so many nutrients in there, you guys.

But the best part is that you can choose which liquor you'd like it mixed with; we're partial to the bacon-infused vodka or smoked whiskey.

1. Cheese Enchiladas w/ Rice & Beans, multiple locations

Sometimes when you are hungover, you need that delicate balance of grease, protein, and complete bomb of starch that only Tex-Mex can provide. Enter cheese enchiladas -- a gift from los dioses.

There are so many awesome spots to indulge in the cheesy dish, but we especially love them at Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen, El Real, and Los Dos Amigos.

Pro tip: Do yourself a favor and add a fried egg if its available -- it'll ease the hangover, after all.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.