The Five Best Hidden Restaurant Gems in Spring Branch

Oh, Long Point Road. You are a foodie's dream destination.

There are consummate favorites Vieng Thai and El Hidalguense. There's Korea House, one of the most popular Korean restaurants in town, and Tacos Del Julio, home of greasy but delicious trompo. Detour a little and you'll find Polonia, Houston's only Polish joint, where the owners are happy to keep the vodka and pierogis flowing, and H-Mart, a Korean-food-lover's dream grocery store.

But Long Point Road and the surrounding area--let's just call it Spring Branch so as to be all-encompassing--also contains a multitude of culinary gems you might not know about. Here are five of the best relatively unknown spots in the area.

Oh, and each restaurant is representative of a different country. Don't you just love Houston?

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this post, Spring Branch is defined as bordered by Clay Road and Highway 290 to the north, Beltway 8 to the west, Katy Freeway to the south and Loop 610 to the east, but excludes the Memorial Villages (as those are categorized as Memorial).

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Kaitlin Steinberg