The Flying Dutchman Sails Again

Just in time for Spring Break, the last restaurant that was still closed on the Kemah Boardwalk -- which took heavy damage during Hurricane Ike -- has reopened.

The Flying Dutchman is open for business as of today, March 13.  Like many of the Boardwalk's waterlogged restaurants, it underwent a facelift during the cleaning and reopening process.  At just over 25 years old, The Flying Dutchman was an institution in Kemah long before the Landry's empire created a weekend destination from the fishing town's humble boardwalk.

Extensive renovations to the Dutchman have transformed her into a sleek, modern waterfront restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating.  The menu hasn't changed, however, with the Dutchman still offering signature dishes like red snapper and Colonel Beauregard's Pie.  With this reopening, the Boardwalk is once again fully operational in all aspects.

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In addition to the restaurants, the Kemah Boardwalk has added new rides -- including a double-decker carousel -- and still offers the old (if noisy and intrusive) favorites like the Boardwalk Bullet.

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