The Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die

"You may have tried only 20 or so" of the items on the "100 things to eat before you die" list that's been making the rounds on Facebook, wrote The Sun earlier this week.

And while that may be true for a majority of typical eaters, I found that I'd eaten 92 out of the 100 items on the list -- many of which I didn't consider all that exotic or bizarre.

Indeed, the modern "foodie" -- as much as we may hate that description -- tends to have the kind of adventurous palate that comes from eating for sport, a joy of traveling, a compulsion to connect with other cultures and the sheer novelty of finding something new and interesting in this over-explored world.

In that vein, we here at EOW have developed a new list: The Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die. Consider it Doom played at the Ultra-Violence level (the regular list is clearly "Don't Hurt Me" while the "Nightmare!" level is reserved for the likes of the Anthonys Bourdain and Zimmern).

The Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die

...and yes, some of these are beverages. But what beverages they are...

1. Python 2. Avocado smoothie 3. Doro wat 4. Bean pie 5. Foul 6. Bone marrow 7. Fufu 8. Amaebi nigirizushi 9. Squash blossoms 10. Durian

11. Stinky tofu 12. Boudin noir 13. Bath chaps 14. Pig ears 15. Duck tongues 16. Venison tai chanh 17. Pickle-flavored sno-ball 18. Balut 19. Fish head curry 20. Jackfruit

21. Congee 22. Uni 23. Menudo 24. Barbacoa 25. Squirrel 26. Nutria 27. Chicharrones 28. Oysters on the half shell 29. Boiled crawfish 30. Chicken hearts

31. Lengua 32. Mollejas 33. Kangaroo 34. Sea anemone 35. Huitlacoche 36. Escargot 37. Beef tendon 38. Beef hearts (anticuchos) 39. Calf's liver 40. Veal

41. Foie gras 42. Suckling pig 43. Tocilog 44. Dinuguan 45. Kare-kare 46. Latkes 47. Borscht 48. Lutefisk 49. Hakerl 50. Geoduck

51. Sannakji 52. Corn tea 53. Pulque 54. Yerba mate 55. Morcilla 56. Biltong 57. Oxtails and gravy 58. Scrapple 59. Rocky Mountain oysters 60. Spam

61. Sesos and scrambled eggs 62. Haggis 63. Cuttlefish 64. Poke 65. Ceviche 66. Surströmming 67. Takoyaki 68. Turducken 69. Chicken feet 70. Whole-fried turkey

71. Fried frog legs 72. Fried green tomatoes 73. Grits 74. Natto 75. Marmite 76. Fiddlehead ferns 77. Ramps 78. Campari 79. Kvass 80. Retsina

81. Iguana 82. Halo-halo 83. Bubble tea 84. Tiết canh 85. Scorpion 86. Witchety grub 87. Grasshoppers 88. Pot brownies 89. Bird's nest soup 90. Kopi luwak

91. Meat sundae 92. Pizza cone 93. Chicken-fried bacon 94. Fried butter 95. Garbage plate 96. Kobe beef 97. Beluga caviar 98. Château Pétrus 99. Black truffles 100. Kale

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