The Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die...in Houston

When we published our "Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die," the suggestion was made by several people that we reprint the list -- this time with instructions on where to find these various delicacies in Houston.

I'll tell you that not all of the dishes or drinks on the list are readily available here, but you might be surprised at how many you can actually find if you know where to look.

So if you're feeling adventurous this year -- perhaps far more adventurous than only wanting to tackle our 100 Favorite Dishes list -- give this "expert"-level list a try and broaden your food horizons.

And remember: The restaurants or grocery stores listed for each item represent just one option for finding these foods; if you have other suggestions for a favorite foul or egusi spot, leave them in the comments section below.

1. Python: Sammy's Wild Game Grill 2. Avocado smoothie: Saigon Pagolac 3. Doro wat: Blue Nile 4. Bean pie: Conscious Cafe 5. Foul: Abdallah's 6. Bone marrow: The Modular 7. Fufu: Finger Licking Bukateria 8. Amaebi nigirizushi: Kata Robata 9. Squash blossoms: Hugo's 10. Durian: Gelato Cup 11. Stinky tofu: Yummy Kitchen 12. Boudin noir: Cafe Rabelais 13. Bath chaps: Feast 14. Pig ears: The Hay Merchant 15. Duck tongues: Sichuan Cuisine 16. Venison tai chanh: Thanh Phuong 17. Pickle-flavored sno-ball: MAM's House of Ice 18. Balut: Hong Kong Food Market 19. Fish head curry: Banana Leaf 20. Jackfruit: Hong Kong City Mall 21. Congee: House of Bowls 22. Uni: Nippon 23. Menudo: La Mexicana 24. Barbacoa: Gerardo's 25. Squirrel 26. Nutria 27. Chicharrones: La Michoacana 28. Oysters on the half shell: Gilhooley's 29. Boiled crawfish: Calliope's Po-Boy 30. Chicken hearts: Pradaria 31. Lengua: Tacos Tierra Caliente 32. Mollejas: Taqueria Tacambaro 33. Kangaroo: A Ly 34. Sea anemone: A Ly 35. Huitlacoche: Julia's Bistro 36. Escargot: L'es-Car-Go 37. Beef tendon: Mala Sichuan 38. Beef hearts (anticuchos): Samba Grille 39. Calf's liver: Luby's 40. Veal: Vincent's 41. Foie gras: Au Petit Paris 42. Suckling pig: Vinoteca Poscol 43. Tocilog: Wok n Roll 44. Dinuguan: Wok n Roll 45. Kare-kare: Wok n Roll 46. Latkes: Polonia 47. Borscht: Polonia 48. Lutefisk 49. Hakerl 50. Geoduck

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Katharine Shilcutt