Pot Luck

The Giant Salsa Bowls at Tacos La Bala

At Tacos La Bala #2, the subject of this week's café review, the fiery green house hot sauce is served in enormous three-legged plastic bowls that look like Mexican molcajetes. The big bowl on each table usually has a plate over top to keep the flies and foreign matter out. Customers use a ladle to take what they need.

The only other place I have ever seen hot sauce served this way is on taco trucks. Which makes sense since, judging by the photos on the walls, Tacos La Bala #1 was a Houston taco trailer. The big bowl presentation makes sense for a high volume operation -- when you put small bowls on each table, you end up throwing the leftover hot sauce away. Jarro Café on Gessner used to line six of these big bowl up and fill each one with a different salsa. Don't miss the tortas stuffed with cochinita pibil.

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Robb Walsh
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