The Great Food Truck Race, Episode 2: Recap

8:00 - Recap of last week's episode. Damn, this is a long recap!

8:01 - Here we are in Santa Fe with six trucks remaining: Crepes Bonaparte, Grill 'Em All, Austin Daily Press, Nom Nom Truck, Rajin' Cajun, and Spencer on the Go. Tyler is still wearing a hideous outfit. Checkered shirt + tie + leather jacket is not a good look, my friend.

8:02- Everyone's planning their food changes given the colder climates of New Mexico and the hotter palates--the burger guys are going to make some chili, the Cajun folks are planning to spice it up, and the crepe folks decide not to push the "a la mode" option. Well, not everyone's planning changes--the Austin sandwich folk seem a bit lost, and the French guys are hustling for escargot, frog legs and sweetbreads.

8:05 - Tyler lectures the contestants on how they will need to adapt to a new city. Tyler, you are swiftly becoming irrelevant on your own show. This week's big news: Each team only has $300 to work with. Ouch. Tyler also warns everyone about an upcoming twist, which he's calling "The Truck Stop Challenge." Dude, that name is as lame as your outfit.

8:07 - Uh-oh. The French guys need a jump. This can't be good. Also, is it just me, or does one of the French guys, John (he of the crazy beard-styling), have an Irish accent?

8:14 - Everyone's shopping for food, but they seem to be leaning toward convenience items instead of money-savers. Seriously, if you're trying to be frugal, boneless skinless chicken breasts are not the way to go.

8:16 - Austin Daily Press and Grill 'Em All form an alliance in the meat department. Only time will tell if it's a good idea or not--to me, their concepts seem too similar, but what do I know?

8:20 - French guys are rescued by a police officer who plans to come back later for frog legs.

8:20 - Dang, those Nom Nom Asians are smart. They got the hook-up ahead of time to park in front of a gelato/coffee shop that serves no food. Instant business.

8:22 - Crepe folks, a.k.a. "fancypants," get made fun of by Cory, the Austin dude. He says they look funny. Dude, have you looked in the mirror?

8:23 - Nom Nom folks get a small blurb printed in the newspaper. Jazmin (incorrectly) uses air quotes to make fun of them, and the Cajun truck shows up to crash Nom Nom's party, but they don't steal away any customers.

8:24 -Nom Noms doing hella business. Tension and drama on the Rajin' Cajun truck! Steve is driving Joey crazy, and Jazmin's trying to run interference.

8:27 - Cajuns and Frenchies are getting no business. Cajuns decide to make a move, but they move to the Plaza, where Crepes, Grill 'Em All, and Austin Daily Press also are set up. So no dice.

8:32 - Tyler returns to let the audience in on the twist. Eric DiStepfano, owner of the "legendary" Coyote Café, is going to help Tyler mess with the contestants by throwing...chiles into the heat (bad pun) of battle. He calls the contestants and tells them they have to locate chiles and create a special with them. Each special will be taste-tested by a mystery judge who will pick a favorite. The winner? Gets immunity.

8:34 - You know what sounds good? The Grill 'Em All "Truth or Consequences" burger with Hatch green chiles, black bean chili, fried egg and tortilla strips. I want that. Rajin' Cajun makes chicken tortilla soup, which, as my Louisianan spouse puts it, "isn't very Cajun." The French guys are being fancy, as usual, stuffing pasilla peppers with lamb and jalapeños with shrimp. But scandal of all scandals--the Nom Nom truck is doing such steady business, they don't have time to take on the challenge, so they turn it down.

8:41 - Chef Eric's trying all the specials. Austin's green (chile) eggs and ham sandwich needs a little salt, Crepes Bonaparte left chiles off of the crepe, and Grill 'Em All's burger is enormous. Frenchies may have made theirs too spicy. Rajin' Cajun's flavors are on point, but there's no chile banh mi.

8:43 - The Crepe people are trying to sell all of their product, but they can't spell omelet so they make a scramble instead. Stephen is hustling folks to the Cajun truck in his strange, almost charming way.

8:45 - In hustling up business, the Grill 'Em All guy hijacks a whole tour bus. They sell out of burgers! Cory from Austin is disenchanted, though, because he thought he had an "alliance" with the Grill 'Em All guys, and they didn't send any business his way. "Maybe I should be thinking about my truck instead of someone else's." You think?

8:52 - Elimination time! And Tyler is wearing sunglasses, while everyone else squints. Cory from Austin is "praying that the Cajuns screwed up."

8:53 - Nom Noms make more than $3, 000. They win tickets and a hotel room from Orbitz to come back to Santa Fe and relive their victory. Those damn crepe kids come in second! Seriously? Who knew? Grill 'Em All comes in third. Bottom three: Frenchies, Cajuns, Austinites.

8:55 - Of the bottom two, Rajin' Cajun and Spencer on the Go, one, we're told, won the Truck Stop Challenge. So who's going home is no longer based on money, but taste. The Frenchies prevail! Sad little Cajuns have to go home, taking a lot of the crazy entertainment factor with them. We'll miss you, Stephen, even though we could barely understand what you were saying.

8:59 - Trucks headed to Texas (Ft. Worth, to be exact) and Austin Daily Press is ready to take people down, being on their home turf. The teaser includes cow butchering frustration, stressed-out faces, and big sighs. Can't wait!

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