The Great Food Truck Race Re-Cap, Episode 3 - Ft. Worth

The show starts up and so does my hatred for Tyler Florence. Tyler, you think you are the shit, but you are not. What's up with those pearly-white framed aviator sunglasses? Ugh.

One more sartorial side note: it's really hard to take the Crepes Bonaparte team seriously with those outfits.

The Nom Nom truck plans to pair up with Central Market because they aren't stupid. Ft. Worth Central Market has 19,000 Facebook fans. I'm pretty sure they're going to kill the competition again. Austin Daily Press folks aren't taking for granted that they'll do well in their home state, but by showing up at a little league game, they just might. The French guys are speaking in French, imagine that!

Downtown Ft. Worth at 8:31 am: Tyler gets the contestants worked up and then reveals the twist. Actually, he just reveals that there will be a twist, which is very annoying, and that the twist (a.k.a "Truck Stop Challenge") will earn the winning team a shiny belt buckle worth a thousand dollars. Yeehaw!

I catch a screen shot of longhorns walking through the stockyards. This episode is one Texas stereotype after another! Granted, in Ft. Worth it's mostly true. Several thickly-accented folks turn up their noses at crepes, but a gentleman in the park where the Spencer on the Go truck has set up shop decides he's going to treat the escargot lollipop like tequila and just take it one shot. And guess what? Mikey likes it!

Casting side note: Is there a brand new member of the Spencer on the Go truck or did I just not notice them before? Either way, they've parked outside the Kimball Art Museum and found their niche crowd.

So has the Austin Daily Press team, who's killing it at the little league ballpark. They decide to donate a portion of their proceeds to Fort Worth Little League, which is sweet. I just hope it doesn't end up sending them home. They head out for grownup time, which means lots of drunk women eating sandwiches. The Grill 'Em All truck, on the other hand, is in a bad, bad spot. The Crepes Bonaparte truck is nearby and only faring slightly better.

Tyler then calls with the Truck Stop Challenge. Everyone gets a hindquarter of beef (yeehaw!) and whichever team makes the best dish (which we the audience know will be judged by Chef Tim Love) wins $1000 towards their total, virtually guaranteeing they'll be safe.

There are a lot of different responses to the giant hunk of cow. Spencer on the Go's people know what they are doing, since they are chefs. Crepes Bonaparte's team pulls up an internet diagram explaining the different cuts.

The Austin Daily Press truck finds a sweet old Texan who knows what to do. Nom Nom girls play helpless to the Central Market butcher and get their meat all packaged up and ready to go.

The beef dishes: Nom Nom - coconut steak, top round. Austin Daily Press - steak and egg with peppers and aioli. Grill 'Em All - steak sandwich with a "summer slaw."

Tim only gives Spencer On The Go's team a 4 ½ on their New York Strip steak. Ryan of Grill 'Em All knows who Tim Love is, so he's a little star struck. Tim compliments their tenderloin sandwich and accompanying fries, but he isn't a fan of their aioli. The Crepes crew actually does better than I thought. They cut their beef correctly and threw it into a crepe with pesto and onions.

Tim can tell the Nom Nom truck has been doing this for a little while, but he's not tasting enough steak in their coconut top round sandwich. As for the Austin Daily Press truck, Tim appreciates the spice in the aioli, but, according to him, their beef is a little tough.

At the end of the day, the French guys run out of food, the Austin Daily Press folks worry their charitable donation of $250 may send them home and the Nom Nom girls are a little insecure for the first time. Grill 'Em All's team has all but decided that they are going home. They have made very little money.

Lucky for them, Tim Love names them among the two teams that made the beef shine, along with Crepes Bonaparte. Ultimately, Grill 'Em All wins giving them an extra $1000 and a belt buckle. Will they fight over it? I hope we see Ryan wearing it in the next episode.

Even with the bonus $1000, Grill 'Em All only manages to come in 3rd behind Nom Nom and Spencer on the Go. Turns out Grill 'Em All only made about $700 on their own. Without winning the Truck Stop Challenge, they'd be going home.

In a slightly upsetting turn of events, we learn that Crepes Bonaparte loses out to Austin Daily Press. Why upsetting? Because Crepes Bonaparte actually made twice as much money on their own as Grill 'Em All. If Tim Love had crowned them winners of the challenge, Grill 'Em All wouldn't have stood a chance.

I guess this is why they throw subjective twists into a show, so we'll keep watching. Next week, the trucks are headed to NOLA! There will be rain, flooding, generator issues and a big pile of catfish.

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