The Island Grill and Juice Bar

We walked into The Island Grill and Juice Bar (4024 Bellaire Blvd, 713-665-5388) with our extremely hungry dining companion and immediately ordered a cheeseburger to split, fries and a salad. It was our first visit here.

The salad came out first. Consisting of neatly cubed tomato, cucumber and feta, it came with a tiny container of a tart vinaigrette, which was all that was needed to make this salad pretty good instead of fairly boring. The burger took as long as expected for one that was made to order, which was fine. It came out as we finished the small salad, and it was not a disappointment. Although it was slightly under-seasoned, it still was juicy and melty. It really hit the spot. My hungry companion's eyes rolled back in his head. The fries were spot-on too, and fresh out of the fryer. If these would have been heat lamped, it would have been a different story.

Recommended? Sure.

After we ordered, we noticed that the menu was an odd assortment. It was sort of like "Ziggy's Healthy Grill meets a Jewish deli." There were bagel and lox dishes, high-protein breakfast dishes served all day, and a bunch of interesting-sounding juices. We actually felt a little cheated. We'll be back to try these offerings.

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Becky Means