The Kids from Kahn's Deli

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Rice Village and West U's youngest marketing and catering duo, David Tomlinson and Matt Smith of Kahn's Deli (2429 Rice Blvd., 713-529-2891) in the Rice Village area. We got to sample Kahn's deli trays, and the sandwiches were amazing. They were real New-York style deli sandwiches on fresh bread with lots of meat - knockwurst, pastrami, you name it.

Kahn's offers the only New York-style catering in the area. You can get platters delivered to your office or party the old-fashioned way, by bicycle, and for a reasonable price.

David and Matt applied at Kahn's to do the bike delivery for the deli and quickly moved up to become the marketing team for Kahn's catering. They have already been on the cover of the West U Examiner and appeared in the Bellaire Examiner for their entrepreneurial skills -- pretty impressive for a couple of college kids just looking for a summer job.

When they are not sneaking past security in Greenway Plaza trying to sell deli trays to office buildings, they are watching soccer and chowing down on sandwiches over at Kahn's.

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Jason Kerr