The King Cole: Our New Fave

We popped into the King Cole to pick up a gin and tonic set up and started admiring the small quaintness of this Montrose cornerstone. This 70-year-old booze haunt, which is no bigger than a walk-in closet but is, for some reason, really comfortable inside.

The super-friendly proprietor told us that he had only owned the place for about five years. Check out the pic of the 70 year old beer cooler. Apparently, it still works after 70 years. So does the a/c, as the owner informed us it too was 70 years old. He then went on and on about how the reason the cooler still works is because it is American-made -- pretty funny coming from an Asian fellow.

The old sign, which locals tried to buy from him repeatedly, was killed during hurricane Ike. A 70-year-old sign. Sigh...

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