The Lazy Dog Cafe in Huntington Beach, California, Comes to the Rescue of Lazy, Forgetful Sons Everywhere

So you managed to take your mother somewhere halfway nice for Mother's Day this past Sunday. Congratulations. I'm sure she's happy just to spend time with you.

But what's this? You've forgotten to pick up a card? All this planning will be for nothing! Except if you were dining at the Lazy Dog Cafe in Huntington Beach, California, this last weekend. Because the Lazy Dog Cafe has your back.

A Reddit user noticed the above box of free Mother's Day cards in the loo at his local Lazy Dog Cafe -- a chain of Southern California restaurants -- this past Sunday.

"The restaurant we went to for Mother's Day brunch had these in the men's restroom," wrote user TheBaconMobile.

Not content with the gesture of offering free cards to forgetful men on Mother's Day, one Redditor demanded to know if the restaurant had remembered to put pens out as well. That question was quickly answered by an actual member of the Lazy Dog Cafe waitstaff, who also confirmed that the cards were placed in all of the men's restrooms across the chain: "I work for Lazy Dog. The jar to the left should have pens in it. People probably took them though."

Wondering if the same courtesy was extended to the women's restroom? It was not. "They don't have them in the women's room," reported TheBaconMobile, although -- sorry, guys -- it's less likely that the cards would have been necessary.

Regardless, as one Redditor put it: "I'll bet the return on investment for those cards is astronomical. Imagine how many people must become repeat customers because of this."

But it's not just Lazy Dog Cafe's thoughtfulness that ensures repeat business. Of the meal itself, TheBaconMobile wrote: "The food is pretty damn good."

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