The Most Disappointing Food Drop-off Ever at the Houston Press

We get a lot of food dropped off at the Houston Press newsroom and we enjoy nearly all of it. Sometimes it's from people promoting their new menu, restaurant opening or upcoming event. Sometimes it's in honor of a special food day. Sometimes we don't exactly know why they're feeding us, but we appreciate it all the same. 

Friday afternoon, a representative of the upcoming Vape Summit dropped by unexpectedly with information about their fourth summit on October 8-10 at the George R. Brown. 

Sweetening the deal was the box she handed over — a heavy 12-pack of Shipley's Do-Nuts. Thank you! What a perfect end to the work week!

Alas, just as the point of the Vape Summit is to get people to reject cigarette smoking for a supposedly healthier alternative, the Vape people decided that we needed to be healthier in other ways. Healthier and well, sadder. 

So here it is. Go ahead and swipe the arrow across the photo from right to left. 

We do have to wonder about how Shipley's feels about this. We know how we feel. 

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