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The Most Popular Houston Press Recipe Posts Ever

Like to cook at home? Or is it the rare occasion that you tackle making something in the kitchen? The following are the top recipes we've run in the Houston Press — recipes that our readers turn to over and over again. Maybe one of these will bail you out someday. 

How To: Cook a Steak in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Although it's summertime and the grill seems to be the logical choice when cooking steak, using a cast-iron skillet to cook a steak makes it much more savory and delicious.

Delicious Oven-Cooked Barbecue Brisket... Seriously

Okay, before you go on and on about how "real brisket is smoked by manly men with manly intentions" and all that, let me just preface this by saying my father did the majority of the cooking in our house and made one of the most incredible briskets in the history of cattle.

Top 5 Things to Make With Leftover Spaghetti 

Even though I prefer only a spoonful of sauce to my gigantic mound of pasta, everyone else I feed likes to drown his or her stuff in sauce. This means I always end up with that notorious Tupperware container full of leftover spaghetti noodles. I admit to having thrown away many servings of perfectly fine spaghetti, and each time, a mini version of my mother appears on my shoulder and wags her finger at me.

Make at Home: Panera Bread's Signature Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese will forever be one of the greatest comfort foods. It doesn't matter if you're five years old or 50 years old; you can always enjoy this creamy, cheesy and comforting dish.

10 of the Most Difficult Recipes to Make at Home

For all of you risk-takers and overachievers, here are the ten most difficult recipes to make at home, with some references to help you not only finish the dish, but make it a tasty one, too.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.