The Most Underrated Burgers in Houston...According to You

We recently tallied the votes and revealed what you, our dear readers, think are the most underrated restaurants in Houston. There were a lot of votes, and the initial call for comments sparked much discussion about hidden gems, great, underappreciated food.

But now we've got a new challenge for you: Burgers.

Oh, we Houstonians love our burgers. I regularly joke that if I want people to read things I write, all I have to do is put "burger" in the headline. I'm only half kidding.

Here in Houston, we have a number of fairly well-established burger joints that most people will readily hold up as examples of burger perfection. There's Hubcap Grill, Bernie's Burger Bus and The Burger Guys (may they rest in peace), all of which have (had) bragworthy burgers.

But which spots out there don't get enough credit for their brilliant beef creations? Whose patties are truly phenomenal? What buns get you all hot and bothered?

As a reminder, here's our 2013 list of the best burgers in Houston. These are probably not underrated because, well, we rated them and found them to be delicious. We're looking for the best-kept burger secrets that only true enthusiasts know.

And don't worry, as some people did during the previous underrated discussion, about your favorite burger joint becoming overrun with diners should you dare to reveal its true awesomeness. We're pretty sure there are more than enough burgers in Houston to go around.

You've got a week to shout out in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. We want specifics, not just restaurant names. And tell us why. You might get a shout out in the next article. Each comment counts as a vote. I'll then count up how many votes each burger gets. If the votes are all over the place (as they were with underrated restaurants) I'll take it to a runoff poll.

So tell us: Which burgers in Houston are the most underrated?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.