The Most Underrated Pizza in Houston... According to You

Okay, Houston, let's talk pizza.

This city has a surprising variety of pizza for a region so burger- and barbecue-happy. There are some incredible Neapolitan-style wood-fired pies from places like Dolce Vita and Pizaro's, late-night munchie slices from Pi Pizza Truck and solid delivery options from Pink's and Pizza L'Vino. Boheme makes unusual lavash pizzas, and Provisions piles on the interesting toppings. We've got it all, except, maybe, Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. If someone can find a decent deep-dish pie in Houston, please do let me know!

I also want to know where you go in town for pizza that other people might not consider. Does your favorite greasy pie come from a food court? Is there a bar in town slinging a super slice? Is there, after all, a great spot for some Chicago-style pizza?

After previous reader-curated posts about underrated restaurants and underrated burgers, you know the drill.

You've got a week to shout out in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. We want specifics, not just restaurant names. Tell us which pizzas you love. And tell us why. You might just find your comments in the follow-up article.

Each comment counts as a vote. I'll then tally how many votes each pizza gets. If the decisions are all over the place (as they were with underrated restaurants and burgers) I'll take it to a runoff poll.

So tell us: Which pizzas in Houston are the most underrated?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.