The New Shatterproof Pint Glass

On Thursday, the British government unveiled a new shatterproof pint glass. There are currently two different prototypes in the works; both are hard to break and will keep the glass shards together if they do. This comes in response to the country's growing problem with alcohol-related glass attacks. Who knew?

According to British Home Secretary Alan Johnson, there are about 87,000 of these attacks every year, some very serious. We even read a story about a bloodbath in a London bar in which 50 pint glasses were smashed in a minute and one person's eye popped out. Sounds more like a horror movie than a night out at the pub.

We must be visiting the wrong bars, because we haven't encountered crazy glass-smashing brawls in Houston. But pint glasses do break a lot during normal usage. On our last visit to the St. Arnold's Brewery, two different people broke their pint glasses in about an hour. And that was at noon on a Saturday. We're sure those customers would have preferred to have their commemorative St. Arnold's pint glass made from shatterproof glass.

The shatterproof design also keeps the beer colder longer. No more warm beer, and no more fear of glass attacks? Genius.

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