The New Tequila Service at Cyclone Anaya's

People like to see their food being made tableside. What else explains the success of Benihana? Cyclone Anaya's is taking the tableside service to another level with its new tableside tequila feature. For $75 a pop, diners can have a bartender come to their table with a tray filled with a bottle of tequila, fruits and mixers and make their drinks right there.

Tableside bar service is experiencing a revival, evidenced by such flashy new services as the bar cart at Fifth Floor, a restaurant in San Francisco, back in January of this year. It's an "old-fashioned service, but something new and different for diners today," says Katherine Orellana of Studio Communications. It's the first such kind of service at any restaurant in Houston in decades.

The pricey fee covers a minimum of two people, but the tequila bottle makes up to eight servings of specialty drinks, so for large parties, it could be well worth it. Diners have a choice between a Paloma Margarita, a Hibiscus Margarita or a Sparkling Hibiscus Sangria, all made with fresh juices and seasonal fruit.

An added bonus to getting the personalized drink service right at your table: The display will likely garner a few glances of envy from fellow diners, much like the eye-catching flaming onion at good, old Benhana.

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