The Onion Rings at Rudyard's British Pub

Rudyard's British Pub has great tater tots, which are deep-fried until they're dark brown and emit a resounding crunch with every nibble.

And while I believe most any kind of potatoes makes for a delicious side, when it comes to my burger accompaniment, I'm loyal to the onion, so that's what I ordered last week with my Rudz burger.

In my experience, bar onion rings can be grouped in three categories:

1) Processed, evenly breaded rings that are usually small in diameter and obviously defrosted from an industrial-size package; 2) Homemade, evenly battered, thick, stiff rings that come in all shapes and sizes, including my favorite, the tiny ring that's almost all batter and no onion; 3) Homemade, unevenly battered, limp, thin rings whose coating is delicious but tends to fall off the onion.

Rudyard's rings fall into the third category. Covered in a minimal amount of grainy cornmeal, these rings emerge from the fryer with parts of the onion exposed. The exterior is a rough, albeit delicious, patchwork of bubbled golden batter and translucent vegetable, and though they go well with ketchup, they tend to fall apart if dipped too violently.

Category 2 Onion Rings are my favorite, but as I have no shame in eating fried foods with a utensil, I was happy to rake up my wilted rings with a fork in between bites of my burger.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.