The Original Kolache Shoppe, Really

I drove about 20 miles, waved bye to Frank's Grill and just when I thought I would hit Hobby Airport, I fell in love with the kolaches, and everything else, at The Original Kolache Shoppe. A family business since 1956, their little shoppe is funky and colorful, once inside, you can follow their history on the pictures adorning the walls.

I've been hearing about this place for months now, particularly since I began my quest to find Houston's old eateries. The best thing is I was NOT disappointed! I'll break it down old school, just like their kolaches. First of all, they don't go crazy with the options. They offer three savory kolaches: Ham and Cheese, Sausage Jalapeño and Cheese and Roast Beef and Cheese. Then there are about five choices for the sweet varieties. That's it.

I can hear you asking, "Why is that a good thing?" Perfection. That's why.

For the sausage kolache, they take a hunk of kielbasa and wrap a paper-thin slice of jalapeño around it before topping it with American cheese. This is all hugged by airy, light, barely sweet bread dough. Different from most kolaches I've encountered, you don't have to dig for the filling. This is usually a good thing, except, their bready dough is so DAMN good, I wished for more of it!

Then there were the roast beef and cheese kolaches, which, on Saturday, were wrapped in puff pastry dough like they were getting gussied up for a hot date. My husband told me a tale of seeing the baker pull the roast out of a crock pot and plop it onto the cutting board. He sliced it thinly before allowing it to cool enough to stuff in some dough. Biting into a puff pastry's pillowy layers is always satisfying, but the roast beef is where it's at. Even though it was thinly sliced, it was still juicy and flavorful. I really can't decide on a favorite. I would get up early and drive another 20 miles for these kolaches.

There's no coffee, juice or milk. They offer you honest to goodness good kolaches and danishes in a quirky, cute locale. They open at 6 a.m. everyday except Sunday, when they don't open at all. There are no closing hours on the card I snagged; I'm guessing doors close when the kolaches are gone, so don't wait too long. Go check them out. The only way you'll be disappointed is if all the kolaches are gone.

What about you? Where are you eating this week?

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