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The (Overlooked) Chocolate Chip Cookie at Baby Barnaby's

A few weeks ago when my list of the Top 10 Chocolate Chip Cookies in Houston ran on EOW, a few readers protested the absence of Baby Barnaby's chocolate chip cookie from the list. Eric Sandler of Eater Houston notably remarked:

While Tiny Boxwoods is a totally logical choice for the top spot, the author's failture [sic] to include both Pondicheri's chocolate oatmeal chili cookies and Barnaby's chocolate chip cookies is an absolute shonda [sic].

Apparently he was so enraged he forgot to hit spell-check. 'Cause I think he meant schande, though a tiny part of me hopes he actually thinks I'm cool enough to be compared to this woman. Anyway, I knew Eric et al. were on to something, so I decided to make a trip to Baby Barnaby's to taste the excluded cookie.

(By the way, I have eaten Pondicheri's chocolate chip cookie and its omission from the list was, um, not unintentional.)

I've long been a fan of Baby Barnaby's (I especially relish their pumpkin pancakes), so it would be no surprise to me if they served a decent chocolate cookie.

According to their menu, they actually offer "the best chocolate chip cookie" for a mere two dollars. I picked up one to go and ate it a few hours later with some hot cocoa in front of a roaring heater.

Slightly crunchy. Crumbling, buttery interior. Very dense with thin semisweet chocolate chunks.

Yes, good enough to be on the list. Mea culpa. Thanks, readers, for alerting me to my wrongful omission.

Just don't ask me which other chocolate chip cookie on the countdown I'd swap out for Barnaby's.

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