The Oyster Po'Boy from Antone's: No, Thanks

The Oyster Po'Boy from Antone's: No, Thanks

Before Monday afternoon my entire exposure to Antone's Famous Po'Boys had been the prepackaged Kroger-bought sandwiches that a friend brought to a Texans tailgate. To me they tasted exactly how prepackaged, Kroger-bought sandwiches purchased the night before should taste. I became curious as to how a fresh Antone's sandwich would taste.

So when I was driving down a feeder road near the Galleria the other day and saw a dude with an actual sandwich board on pimping a special on shrimp or oyster po'boys at Antone's, I took the bait. The place had a line at 1:30, a good sign. I ordered the fried oyster po'boy for $6.99, which comes dressed with tomato, lettuce and "Cajun mayo."

Unfortunately, the sandwich was a greasy mess, and the oyster's fried coating pretty much just melded itself to the bread; it was almost impossible to tell the two apart. The lettuce was soggy, and the mayo was plentiful. I also assumed that I did actually get the oyster, since I really had no clue if I was tasting that or shrimp or mud-nuggets, for that matter.

I was told later by an Antone's fan that I ordered the wrong thing, that I should have stuck with one of the original deli-style sandwiches. But I'm not sure I'll be back.


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