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The Pass & Provisions Celebrates 1st Birthday with Music, Cocktails and a Whole Pig

It's been one heck of a year for chefs Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan of The Pass & Provisions. They opened the fine dining and casual restaurant duo a year ago this past Sunday and celebrated with a lavish first-birthday soirée for invited guests (anyone on the restaurant's mailing list who was able to snatch up a ticket quickly) on Monday evening.

In the year since The Pass & Provisions has opened, both restaurants have garnered local and national media attention for their daring menu choices and flavor combinations. The duo was even a nominee for Bon Appétit magazine's Best New Restaurant in America award. It came in sixth out of 50 nominees -- the highest-ranking Texas restaurant on the list.

So what makes The Pass & Provisions so exciting (and delicious)? Take a look at some photos from the birthday celebration and see. And then, once you're drooling, go eat there yourself.

A cook sliced prosciutto all evening.

Delicate mini lobster rolls stuffed with celery and generous hunks of meat were passed around on platters.

This huge charcuterie and bread spread in the Provisions dining room was the centerpiece for the evening, while The Pass welcomed diners with crunchy chicharrones and little tins of cream cheese and caviar with spices.

Giant caperberries and smoked salmon were a big hit.

Generous helpings of pasta (and wine) made their way to our table, and though we promised to share everything, none of us wanted to once we'd tasted it.

This little piggy went to The Pass, this little piggy went to Provisions. And then we ate it all.

Both chefs were blurs, running around the two kitchens all night. I hope they were able to enjoy some of their delicious food while being such generous hosts, and I hope The Pass & Provisions had a happy birthday. Here's to many more!

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Kaitlin Steinberg