The Perfect Christmas Gift: Goode Company Pecan Pie

Need a gift that is outrageously Texan that you can send to an out-of-stater without having to do much more than click a mouse? My choice, beyond all others, is a Goode Company pecan pie. You don't even really have to be a thoughtful person to send one.

Say what you will about their barbecue -- and I have some opinions about their side items myself -- but the pecan pie is truly outrageous. It is everything I love about my grandmother's recipe, but actually a little better (sorry, Ma Ma Margie).

The filling is just a slight bit thicker than most pecan pies, and it doesn't run into the pie plate once you cut it. It's just this side of a custard, in fact. The crust is perfect and buttery, and the pecans are whole and not chopped pieces. It even comes in a wooden box (any suggestions what to do with the box?).

In this season of giving, give the greatest Houston-deliciousness gift of all. Last year I sent one to my uncle for doing my taxes, but they'll be perfect for Christmas too.

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Lennie Ambrose