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The Poop Deck at Beaver's BBQ

I'm usually so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the food at Beaver's that I stop paying close attention to whatever drink I've ordered. A damn shame, considering Beaver's mixed drinks themselves are wonderful creations.

But "The Poop Deck" actually succeeded in distracting me from my delectable Chickwich with extra guacamole.

Made with cognac, port and blackberry liqueur, The Poop Deck is a fruit-forward cocktail laden with rich, earthy flavors. After only a few sips, I knew I wanted a second one (in contrast, after a few bites of my Chickwich, I knew I would need a doggie bag). The warm berry notes make The Poop Deck surprisingly refreshing, a quality I don't usually associate with strong, straight-up cocktails. With two under my belt, I felt relaxed but not sleepy and, consequently, more fit to tackle the three loads of laundry waiting for me at home.

My only complaint about this cocktail: the pour is too small. Each Poop Deck seemed to barely fill the bottom quarter of its serving glass. And while I certainly want a bartender to value quality over quantity, just a splash (or two) more of liquid would have made me more comfortable paying $9 per drink.

The bold, dark aspects of The Poop Deck suggest it would complement red meat, so next time I think I'll pair it with some brisket or a Beaver Burger.

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Joanna O'Leary