The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 French Fries

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10. Amazon Grill

I hadn't been to Amazon Grill in years until it was suggested to me by former EOW contributor John Kiely as his favorite place for fries. Lo and behold, the old restaurant on Kirby -- which I hadn't visited since its remodel, which has bolder and more elegant colors along with some quirky decor touches reminiscent of big sister Americas -- does indeed turn out a fine fry. The twiggy shoestring fries are even better when dipped into one of the three sauces found in abundance on Amazon Grill's plantain bar: creamy cilantro, garlicky chimichurri or a hopped up ketchup.

9. Barnaby's

When it comes to waffle fries, Barnaby's can't be beat. Although the Waffle Fries with Blue Cheese Fondue normally comes assembled in a massive pile like a plate of nachos, I always order it "deconstructed." It's not that I'm fussy; it's that I like to make sure that every waffle fry has the perfect amount of blue cheese dipping sauce, blue cheese crumbles, crispy bacon bites and green onions. (Okay, maybe I'm a little fussy.)

8. Sammy's Wild Game Grill

Although the wild game burgers and hot dogs are often the star of the show here (along with the elk tacos -- my God, the elk tacos), don't discount the fries. They come in two iterations here: One topped with python chili -- yes, as in the snake -- and one called simply "Wild Fries" (shown above). Those are tossed with a fried egg, the yolk coating the fries, before being topped with cheese, bacon and chives. If you're like me, you'll make them extra wild with a healthy portion of Sammy's house-made ghost pepper sauce -- and maybe even pick up a few bottles to take home.

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Katharine Shilcutt