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The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 5 Bar Food

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3. Community Bar / Rudyard's (tie)

Both places are as well-loved for their greasy pub grub (a basket of Nuts & Bolts at Rudz or fat egg rolls at Community Bar), and both have owners who are as good at cooking as they are at stocking beer. At Community Bar, it's Bob Covington, whose steak night packs the non-Midtown-esque Midtown bar every Tuesday night. And at Rudyard's, it's Joe Apa, who often creates epic beer dinners at the Montrose haunt. Community Bar will almost always cook you whatever you ask for -- provided Covington has the food in stock -- and Rudz usually has nightly specials that come out of the small kitchen, and are a far sight more elegant than the standard pub fare.

2. The Petrol Station

Monday-night burger nights just might be Petrol's busiest day of the week. For $10, you'll get a pint of one the bar's famous craft beers -- there's a reason they've been given so many Best of Houston® awards, after all -- and a cheeseburger that descends after a patient wait like manna from heaven. The cheeseburger is so good, in fact, that it made it to the Final Four of our Burger Bracket in April and very nearly won the entire thing.

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Katharine Shilcutt