The Rosemont Social Club Is a Room with a View (Plus Great Food and Cocktails)

When a friend mentioned that the Rosemont Social Club was serving up delicious drinks and tasty bites (including my kryptonite, mac and cheese) right in my neighborhood, I was excited to check it out. When the same friend mentioned that the Rosemont is located right upstairs from Uchi and Southside Espresso, my excitement turned to confusion. "Upstairs? There's an upstairs there?!"

As it turns out, there is an upstairs, a downstairs and an amazing deck with a pretty cool view of the city streets below; with several bars to choose from in one location, once you visit Rosemont, you may not want to leave.

And then wait till you hear about the macaroni and cheese...

Located in the old Privé space, Rosemont Social Club has only been open for a couple of months, but even on a Wednesday evening there were folks mingling upstairs in both the inside and outside lounge areas. ("Rosemont" is a play on "Montrose.") To enter the social club, you must locate the dark blue door at the back of the building, which will bring you -- speakeasy-style -- into the downstairs bar area. Huge, cozy captain's chairs, upholstered in rich turquoise, line the bar; head upstairs to sit indoors or out. The indoor lounge has a Moroccan vibe achieved through red velvet banquet seating and cool tile, and then transitions seamlessly to the outdoor seating area, where you can sit under canopies or at the bar that faces the interior of the building.

We sat indoors, curled up on the red banquet seating that lines the walls. My friend and I split an order of the andouille macaroni and cheese and a plate of sliders. While we waited for our food to come, we started sampling cocktails (created by mixologist Curtis Childress) that were priced in the $10-$13 range. My first cocktail was garnished with a pretty rose petal and my second was infused with violet flavors throughout; in spite of the flowery theme, the drinks were balanced (read: not too sweet) and definitely primed the appetite. At my friend's urging, I also sampled her frozen mai tai (two rums, lime, orgeat, Cointreau and orange flower water), which was positively delicious and had me rethinking my "never order a frozen cocktail" rule.

So let's talk food, finally. The sliders were juicy, served on sweet Slow Dough buns and garnished with a tangy herb chipotle aioli as well as a giant olive. Sliders can sometimes be a little "meh," but these were cooked and built well, so they were as easy to eat on the last bite as they were on the first. Something about that olive on top...it's just a little thing, but it "made" the burger. The andouille mac and cheese was lush, with a creamy cheese sauce and big, spicy bites of sausage throughout.

While the food and drink were delicious, it was the atmosphere that really won me over in the end. Rosemont strikes a balance -- with the decor, the menu and the service -- that is both upscale and comfortable, and a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.