The Savory Side of Sweet Paris Creperie

You know what's a damn shame? When your good friend Maggie makes lovely sweet crepes but almost every time you've been offered them you're too stuffed from prior savory supper consumed that you cannot handle any more food.

One solution? Eat less dinner. Another? Makes crepes the dinner.

Not that I have anything against crepes for dessert. Who wouldn't adore a thin disc of edible eggy parchment wrapped around some fresh cream, strawberries, and chocolate, and topped, maybe, with a scoop or two of ice cream.

I just have always felt the crepe was a better medium for savory items (which why I heartily endorse the dosa), and therefore have always been a bit meh when they are offered as dessert.

In spite of its name, Sweet Paris Creperie seems to understand my preferences and boasts an entire section of the menu devoted to breakfast and lunch/dinner crepes.

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Sweet Paris Creperie has a charming egg-shell and baby blue interior with tables perfect for parties of one, two, or four. (I won't say it's like stepping into a Parisian cafe because I wasn't greeted with suspicious stares and the overwhelming smell of silk infused with nicotine.) The staff (mostly French-speaking) is pleasant and quick to fill orders. When I bothered the cashier about the potential dryness of a crepe filled with brie, greens, nuts, and turkey, she offered (at no extra charge) to add a side of dijon sauce.

Not that I needed it, though I did appreciate how the pert spice of the mustard livened up the juicy turkey strips as well as provided a sharp contrast to the creamy brie. Ultimately, the sauteed greens interspersed between the cheese, nuts, and meat had sufficient juices to lubricate the contents of the crepe, a triangularly folded light sheath of browned batter that left traces of butter on the tongue.

A lightly dressed side salad tempered the meal perfectly, and I finished feeling satisfied but not as if je n'en peux plus. In fact, had I not a cake date later that evening I could have easily gone for a second (sweet) crepe. And, next time I will, with Maggie.

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