The "Taco Man" Truck at Bubbles

The "Taco Man" Truck at Bubbles

The egg and chorizo breakfast taco comes with a free roasted jalapeño and your choice of red and green homemade salsas at the taco truck parked behind Bubbles Carwash at Westheimer and Bering. The business is called the "Taco Man" and its run by two brothers from San Luis Potosi.

The truck is one of those elaborate rigs popular in L.A. with the louvered skylight vents above the cooking area. Barbacoa and al pastor tacos were also available at 9 a.m. I went for a cup of black coffee, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It was a lot stronger than the average taco truck cup of coffee. One taco and the cup of coffee was three dollars.

But coffee seemed to be the least popular beverage here. The two women working in the mobile kitchen were turning out lots of melon agua frescas in giant Styrofoam containers as part of a large breakfast order that one of the owners was getting ready to deliver somewhere. And the most plentiful beverage displayed in the ice-filled beverage cooler was "Monster" energy drink. I was kind of surprised to see the usual Mexican Cokes and Jarritos replaced by energy drinks.

As we in Tex-Mex, "Tiempo marches on."

-Robb Walsh

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