The Terms and Conditions of Pink's Pizza Insurance

As the spawn of two lawyers, I've been bred to obsess over written documentation. Contracts, leases, purchasing agreements, etc. all bring out my OCD tendencies like little else.

Case in point: When I discovered Pink's Pizza offered "insurance" on their pizza for 50 cents, I needed to know more specifics (in writing). Did it cover loss and/or theft of my pizza? Death and dismemberment (of myself or the deliveryman)? Cancellation or postponement of the order once placed?

The Web site provided some clarification:

Due to the enormous popularity of Pink's Pizza products, we are now insuring your delivery against robbery, highjacking and/or possible ransom situations. Furthermore, all insurance donations will benefit the Japan Relief Efforts.

But I needed more details, so I called Pink's. I was interested in approximately how many insurance policies they sold per week. More important, I also wondered if the policy covered pizza theft by one's domestic partner.

From manager Matt at the West University location, I learned that Pink's Pizza Insurance is purchased at least a few times a week. Matt considers the policy to be blanket liability insurance against theft INCLUDING BY ONE'S HUSBAND.

Oh boy, that is definitely worth a two-quarter investment. Husband: You've been warned.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.