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The Top 10 Eating...Our Words Posts of 2012

Last week, we began wrapping up the year in review. We looked at the most notable restaurant closings of 2012, the restaurants we're most excited about for 2013 and our most popular Top 10 lists of the year.

This week, we're looking at the best new restaurants of 2012 and — today — the 10 most popular Eating...Our Words posts from the last year. The round-up doesn't include Top 10 lists, but strictly the articles, news items and funny rants that our readers loved the most in the last 12 months.

10. For Cold & Flu Season: Which Cough Syrup Tastes Best?

Even when we're sick, we still work. It's all for you, people. ALL FOR YOU. ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD. (Sorry, the effects of all the cough syrup are just now wearing off.)

9. In Defense of American Craft Beer Producers: An Open Letter to Joe Queenan of the Wall Street Journal

This is best read with "The Star-Spangled Banner" played on full blast, followed up by a little "Eye of the Tiger" and shotgunning a Bombshell Blonde.

8. Invasive Black Tiger Shrimp on the Rise in the Gulf of Mexico

Could wild, Gulf-caught Black tiger shrimp be showing up on a menu near you some day? Catching and eating invasive species is often the easiest way to rid your waters them, after all.

7. A (Very Nearly) Comprehensive Guide to Houston's Food Trucks

...and still growing.

6. Point-Counterpoint: The Monte Cristo Sandwich Is an Absurd Joke


5. A Very Costco Thanksgiving: Feeding 8 People for $80 (Plus the Cost of Pie)

According to The Consumerist, this is the article that caused Costco to sell out of Thanksgiving boxes this year, leading me to believe that a large number of people didn't actually read the post past the headline.

4. Whatever Happened to Baked Alaska? The Fates of 5 Once-Faddish Dishes

Before you ask: You can still find Baked Alaska at The Oceanaire. You're welcome.

3. Flaming Young: 10 Food-Related Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

I still see "flaming young" in my Twitter stream on a daily basis, so this PSA was clearly in vain.

2. The Foodie's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die

Consider our list Doom played at the Ultra-Violence level (the regular list is clearly "Don't Hurt Me" while the "Nightmare!" level is reserved for the likes of the Anthonys Bourdain and Zimmern).

1. 15 American Foods That Are as Weird to Foreigners as Poisonous Blowfish Is to Us

On that note, there's finally a place in town where you can eat all the fugu you desire: Michiru Sushi. Make it your New Year's resolution — if you're brave enough.

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